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How To Pitch To Streaming Platform

How To Pitch To Streaming Platform

Our everyday life now depends on streaming somewhat social networking on different platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

You can sell your script anywhere you want since the OTT world has never been so significant for creators and audiences. Every production house, filmmaker, writer, and actor of the industry focuses more of their efforts on web series nowadays.

People want creators and development execs from different platforms to make compelling shows that stand out from the crowd.

If you are new at writing and want to create a good script or have already written it and don’t know how to pitch to a streaming platform, then you are in the right place.

Here you will learn how to sell your screenplay on different platforms, especially to Netflix. The platform wants to know whether you know how to write or not.

How To Pitch To Streaming Platform Like Netflix

If you are looking for how to pitch your screenplay to a streaming platform like Netflix, you must know that it’s incredibly challenging.

You may get a pitch meeting at a cable network, or streaming platforms like Netflix and learn how to do it. It is as important as writing and vital to master both crafts if you want to have a successful screenwriting career.

Here are a few steps you need to make sure you are ready for to attempt to pitch Netflix.

1. Come up with a brilliant idea

It is easy to say but challenging to do. Your idea and why you are writing it is equally important. Don’t ever think your friend liking your idea means it’s the best script to pitch.

You must share it with other people to know if it’s good. You will realize what is and what isn’t working and then revise accordingly as per people’s opinion. You can modify afterwards.

2. Master the craft of writing for TV

It says that mastering the craft takes 10,000 hours. Try reading books on screenwriting, take screenwriting classes, read scripts, and write thoroughly.

Fortunately, there are many resources that can help you improve your writing as well as online tools available to proofread your script.

3. Put together your pitch materials

It is plural; pitch materials; you should have a bulletproof elevator pitch, treatment or show bible, and a pilot. If you ever had seen a movie trailer, it’s like having a sizzle reel.

4. Do your research

You can search the trades daily, find the best source to pitch your script and figure out what company will be the best fit for your concepts.

Of course, what type of writing you have depends. The script you write must be according to the network. For example, you won’t pitch a rom-com to the Sci-Fi Network.

5. Pitch, pitch, pitch, and pitch some more

While looking for how to pitch to a streaming platform, the pitch is an important part of your calling card that shows your voice, brand, and sensibility.

Moreover, it shows your ideas, creates characters, and tells a story, so it’s vital to master it. Practice makes perfect.

6. Try to find representation

Whether your script is for any streaming platform, you need to know how to represent your pitch. There are many ways to guide you to find your representation, but here you will find out some strategies.

You can connect with a screenwriting contest, win a network, and share your scripts with industry professionals.

You may get a job working at a studio, network, production company, management company, and agency.

When you understand you have serious work to do and commit to doing it, let’s get the secret revealed to pitch to Netflix.

You may have heard about the Motion Picture Talent Department at Creative Artists Agency (CAA); they are influential agencies.

There are universal templates available for a cable network, or streaming platform pitch with CAA clients. You will get roughly twenty minutes from start to finish.

7. Share your personal story and connection to the idea

The network or studio is more apt to buy your vision if they feel it’s coming from the perfect writer.

It would be best to connect with the idea on an emotional level so let them know why you and only you were born to tell this story. No one else. So show them it’s your story and you are the best to describe it to them.

8. Define your themes

Your story’s theme matters a lot as it is an emotional lesson of the story where you should tell them what the script is about.

Some common themes are good versus evil, power corrupts, coming-of-age, revenge, or death.

9. Pitch an anecdote that gets the exec to understand the potential of the series

Your pitch can be a teaser or a portion of the pilot that exemplifies the show’s style and tone and the main character. You can watch some program’s teaser of your favorite pilot for inspiration.

10. Breakdown your characters

It is recommended to pitch the main characters and their respective relationships, such as protagonist, antagonist, love interest, and another supporting character.

Moreover, it could be a friend, family member, mentor, or coworker; each character must have importance or strong presence in the screenplay.

11. Describe the tone of the show

You should discuss pacing, type of humor, look and feel, etc., in your screenplay, like dropping in TV show comps.

Make sure they are successful to run for multiple seasons if it gets sold for the streaming platform so it will multiply their money, which will make the execs happy.

12. Explain the week-to-week

You should know first if your script is episodic or serialized, or what format you are using, and if episodic, give examples; if serialized give examples.

Such as what conflict arises and stands in the way to of the protagonist achieving their goals.


When you are new to pitching and don’t have a body of work, it’s essential to pitch yourself first and get some solid short film ideas to gain recognition.