My name is Osaji Obi. I’m 28 years old and I’m of Nigerian descent. I grew up in York, Pennsylvania. I’ve been writing scripts for over a decade. I started Rave Scripts three years ago. The inspiration behind the idea was through my love for comics. I started out writing my own comics as a kid before I transitioned to writing screenplays. The problem I ran into was that not every script goes where you want it to go. In pursuit of trying to get my work sold I soon found out the alarming number of scripts that, even when sold, don’t actually get produced.
I struggled with the thought of working on something for months and never having my story be enjoyed or in the worst case disliked by anybody. As an artist, you want your work to be consumed no matter what. I realized that the be all end all for me as a writer isn’t to get my scripts produced. I just want my work to be on a platform where people can read it. Thankfully, that’s what Rave Scripts allows me to do.
With your support by becoming subscribers, you enable me and many other writers to share their stories and get exposure.