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How Nofap Can Improve Your Screenwriting

How Nofap Can Improve Your Screenwriting

You read that headline right. For those who suffer from chronic fapping, you may be experiencing the effects of that habit and you don’t even realize it. This post will help explain how nofap can improve your screenwriting.

What Is Nofap?

Nofap derives from the word fap. That’s the sound commonly heard when a man is jerking off.

Nofap started in 2011 as a group for men that had given up masturbation. It has since become a business with a trademarked name. It’s mostly a practice used to also fight against porn addiction.

Is It The Same As PMO?

PMO stands for pornography, masturbation, and orgasm. PMO is sometimes used interchangeably with nofap but they are basically the same thing.

The Benefits of Nofap

There are many benefits of nofap that improve your mental and physical well-being. People that have practiced fapstinence expressed the following:

Mental Benefits

  • Increase in happiness
  • A boost in confidence
  • Increase in motivation
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Increase in spirituality
  • Self acceptance
  • Better attitude
  • More appreciation toward the opposite sex

Physical Benefits

  • More energy
  • Muscle growth
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Increase in focus
  • More stamina
  • Loss of erectile dysfunction
  • Better quality of sperm

What’s The Difference Between Nofap and Semen Retention?

Semen retention is the practice of not ejaculating which is also called coitus reservatus and seminal conservation.

You can enjoy sexual activity and orgasm doing semen retention. Nofap on the other hand is the complete absence of self stimulation.

Does This Help Women Too?

Don’t think this is just for men. Women can also gain from not self stimulating also. Long periods of nofap have the ability to rewire your brain.

Some women partake in watching porn. The most visited porn site released data saying that 30% of its viewers are women. The problem with watching a lot of porn is that eventually, the body tricks itself into believing that it is really having sex.

The sight of it stimulates your mind and dopamine (feel good hormones) are released. The result is not being able to be fully pleasured when having an intimate real life connection with your partner.

Instead of releasing that energy through porn and masturbation, you can instead channel it into more productive endeavors like writing.

Crush Writers Block

Every writer’s been there. The point at which you don’t know where to go next with your story. So you put it off for a while.

Before you know it, weeks have passed and you haven’t written a word. Nofap can help you crush writers block by giving you the laser focus that you need to work out the plot to your story.

Clarity Of Mind

When you get on nofap, you may experience depression initially. This happens because you’ve watched so much porn that when you deprive your mind of that quick dopamine fix that it urges, you upset it.

If you’re able to remain strong and get past this stage, the next stage will yield a better outcome. Your mind won’t constantly be on that dopamine fix and you’ll have better concentration due to a clear mind.

How Long Should You Do Nofap?

Practicing nofap for certain periods of time can have benefits depending on how long you do it for. Below is a table that shows what you can expect for 3 days, 4 days – 1 week, 1 week – 2 weeks, 2 weeks – 1 month, and 1 month – 6 months:

The question of how long should you do it for is a question only you can answer. What do you want to achieve by doing it?

Nofap Isn’t For Everybody

Issues that people run into when practicing nofap is energy that gets stuck. The sexual energy that get built up can cause blockages in your psyche. This can then lead to feelings of frustration and irritability.

You need to move that energy through out your body by doing external exercises. By external exercises, I don’t mean simply going to the gym and working out. You need more than just that.

You need internal energy cultivation practices. On a conscious level, this helps guide the sexual energy out of the genitals and move it around the body.



This is a good example of the aforementioned exercise. Do this each night before going to sleep. It requires 30 minutes of conscious deep breathing. While meditating, feel the energy in your genitals and visualize it moving up through your body to your head, circulating through your whole body.


Qigong is another great exercise that opens up the energy channels in the body and keeps your chi moving and circulating throughout your body.


Journaling not only keeps your writing skills sharp, but it controls your built up energy while building your observing ego. Write about your behaviors, feelings and thoughts throughout that day.

The sexual energy transforms into usable energy as it moves. It’s important that you’re able to get that energy to move through your body so that it doesn’t get stuck in your genitals.

Having the energy stuck in the genitals can cause unconscious negative patterns that will inevitable make you relapse into past behaviors.


Transmutation is the act of changing or the state of being changed into another form. For men with their semen, the energy that is retained gets used by the body to feed the chakras, brain, and nervous system.

Channeling your sexual energy toward your screenwriting is the key.

Sexual Energy Is Powerful

“The vital essence, or sexual fluid, contains a high concentration of prana. If not dissipated, the power therein can be used to enhance physical health, mental vitality, creativity, and spiritual development”. – Paramahansa Yogananda

Ancient eastern cultures were able to detect an invisible energy that permeates all things in nature. This invisible energy was referred to as Prana by India, Chi by China, and Ki by Japan. For us in the west, it’s called life force energy.

This energy is nourishment and is in the water, food, and air. In our bodies, it’s in men’s semen and women’s menstrual blood.

Because semen is concentrated with 200 different proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the body and mind use to perform, it’s easy to understand why sexual energy is so powerful and precious.

Famous People That Practiced Nofap

Many famous people throughout history have practiced nofap. The greatest philosophers, athletes, businessmen, politicians, writers, artists, musicians, inventors and scientists that the world has ever known are on this list.

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Steve Jobs
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Sir Issac Newton
  • Pythogorus
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Prince
  • Miles Davis


If you’re looking to take your skill to the next level and become a great screenwriter, consider nofap as the secret weapon to make you a master of the craft.