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How to Find Screenwriting Jobs

How to Find Screenwriting Jobs

Screenwriting jobs can be challenging to find, but not to worry!

Instead of scouring the internet for hours on end, we can help you find a great job that helps you utilize your screenwriting skills and pays well.

Screenwriting was a valued skill back in the glory days when every production company in Hollywood was actively looking for a screenwriter. As a result, it was much easier for an aspiring writer to make it to the writer’s room and work with legends like Preston Sturges, Herman Mankiewicz, and Billy Wilder.

In this day and age, it is much more challenging to break into the screenwriting industry and find jobs with competitive pay until you are at the very top of the ladder.

Here are some tips and tricks that would save you the trip to Paramount or Universal and help you find screenwriting opportunities on Google.

International Screenwriter Association (ISA)

The ISA, as the name suggests, is a resource bank for screenwriting jobs. The ISA is updated with new script-writing opportunities frequently. You can get updates whenever a production company or industry headhunter is looking for a writing resource to join their team.

The ISA is especially significant if you are interested in an indie rewrite, short films, or the like for cash.

The Screenwriter’s Market

Another great place to find screenwriting gigs is The Screenwriter’s Market, which provides more simplified results than the ISA. You can pitch screenplays and submit unsolicited scripts to producers. In addition, the job board is often filled with specific script needs for TV shorts and other digital projects.

Production Hub

The Production Hub is also quite similar to the ISA as it offers job listings from several independent production companies and recruiters. However, the Production Hub caters to all filmmaking jobs, only focusing on writing gigs.

Shooting People

Shooting People is a diverse network of filmmakers working independently. It is a place for people to interact and pitch filmmaking projects. The job boards feature screenwriting gigs and allow you to pitch to filmmakers.

What to avoid?

We recommend that you steer clear of Craigslist, where many people try to find screenwriting jobs. These jobs are rarely worth your time. In addition, the platform is so easy to access that many job scams use it. As a result, it has lost its credibility when providing job opportunities.

Tips and Tricks to Find Screenwriting Jobs

There are many ways you can get ahead in the filmmaking industry. Networking is a great way to get your scripts to the right people. Nowadays, networking is essential to finding the right job or candidate. Studies show that about 60% of all jobs are found through networking. Think of networking as an exercise in creating job opportunities for yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for the screenwriter networking events following the film festival. You can network with other screenwriters all year round and without having to travel to London, LA, or NYC.

Here are some networking opportunities you’d like.

The Black List Writer’s Happy Hour

The Black List is known for its networking successes. You can find a lot of valuable connections at these events that local screenwriters and filmmakers in London attend, Sydney, Montreal, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, DC, New Orleans, LA, NYC =, Auston, Portland, Raleigh, Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas and Miami.

Wine Wednesdays

Wine Wednesdays also provide an excellent opportunity to connect with the writing community. You don’t need to go anywhere to connect; all you have to do is attend the Facebook Live Broadcast for ISA members and screenwriters everywhere. It is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with other screenwriters, ask questions, and share ideas. The

There are many significant screenwriting events you can attend if you are in the UK, such as the Screenwriters Festival (London), National Writers’ Conference (Birmingham), Writers Festival (Winchester), and Craft of Comedy (Wales).


When we think about finding professional links and connections, LinkedIn comes to mind. LinkedIn is a great place to find professionals in your field and find opportunities in your area of expertise.

You can directly contact filmmakers and industry experts with the 30-day free trial of the IMDB Pro. You can also find screenwriters from around the world.

Twitter & Facebook

Twitter also has an excellent community for screenwriters. Twitter’s communities provide you with a unique opportunity to mingle with filmmakers and producers. In addition, you can pitch yourself and find yourself in a writer’s room with fellow writers.

Similarly, Facebook groups are also a great way to connect with the local writing community and join job boards that are regularly updated with new opportunities.

Cold Emails

Cold calls and emails are also a great way to get the attention of prospective clients. Many people dread cold calls or email, but it can be pretty effective today. There are elaborate courses for Cold emailing that can help you find high-value clients by reaching out to them directly.