5 Ways To Come Up With Original Movie Ideas

Some writers have notepads full of script ideas but couldn’t find the time to write the story to one of them. Sometimes, you stare at the laptop screen and waste hours without writing a single piece of work. You might want to know 5 ways to come up with original movie ideas.

Well, it’s not possible, or everyone’s not blessed with the ability to originate good movie ideas.

Since here on this platform, you may learn the effective ways to turn your imaginations into movie ideas. All you have to do is know what to write about it.

1. Change Your Place And Turn Off The Phone

The most important thing to do to get a fantastic idea for writing a movie script is to find a place with no disturbance where nobody will call you, and your mind is relaxed. Please turn off the laptop, iPhone, iPad, TV, and any other electronic device and make sure to keep it off for a certain period. Now utilize time by going out of the house to wander around and do some activities to let your mind free, such as hiking, surfing, or listen to some people’s conversation.

It’s recommended to switch off the phone on the weekend for 24 hours so you will be free of mind and reconnect with the present moment. You may have thought that it’s easy and simple, but giving some time off from the technology will allow you to roam around.

2. Study Other Writers’ Loglines

The most effective way to originate the movie ideas is by improvising an existing one. It will get your creative juices flowing and enables you to think more creatively about your logline.

-Research aspiring writers’ script ideas

Do the research and make a list from the annual blacklist. Make notes of the different loglines and combine the elements. Such as add your protagonist in someone else’s story or vice versa. Make sure to listen to the contest winner’s popular logline; you can acquire immense knowledge about them from online browsing.

The most important thing that should be kept in mind is that listening to someone else’s loglines would be more effective than reading them. You may play around with different scenarios and come to get some promising new ideas.

-Look for professional writers’ movie ideas

You can go to the IMDb and find out the loglines of already produced movies when you come up with original movie ideas from the chosen genre.

3. Plunder Real Life

There is no need to work hard against your mind and hit your head to the wall to develop the movie ideas from scratch.

-Become a research fanatic

It would be best if you did such things as keeping a notepad and writing down the interesting idea from local newspaper, Television, or subscribing to some channel for updating information. You must watch documentaries, use Wikipedia, and look up random articles to help you with 5 ways to come up with original movie ideas? Listening to someone else’s idea can conjure up something in your mind, and you may have a different story on the same plot. You can characterize your characters on actual people in your life.

4. Focus On What Moves You

Focus on what you love, what you are passionate about, and what stings in your body when you see or observe it. Crafting the theme of the script around it will help you get a better idea to know where to start from it. It will bring authenticity to your work that’s lacking in many aspiring writers’ specs. Most of the time, the writer puts his passions to the protagonist character to do the same.

5. Forget What If Situations And Relax

When you try to find out the new movie ideas, you may have thoughts like what if? Then see what happens when you come up with a character.

-What if they ran out of food in the world?

-What if a guy gets kidnapped when he was walking to work?

-What if a chauvinist could hear women’s thoughts?

There is not much difference between asking ‘what if’ when trying to come up with the script; you must think about what could happen next? When you are thinking about ideas, and it blocks you because of the pressure on your nerves.

-Hitchcock’s script idea method

This method will help you find out the answer to your question on 5 ways to come up with original movie ideas when you are struggling. Take a step back and relax; do not punish yourself for not coming up with ideas that you probably would later.

Can I Use A Movie Idea Generator?

You may have had a thought come to mind wondering what is a movie idea generator. It is also called a script idea generator. These are web portals that help you choose different responses to various questions in the drop-down menu. Such as if your protagonist is a retired cop? Or its goal to infiltrate a drug-smuggling operation? Like the movie Ratatouille. You can use the movie idea generator if you think it will not work with the original ideas.


Hopefully, you may have learned 5 ways to come up with great script ideas or even generate ideas through adopting different methods. The basic goal is to find out the original idea of the story for the screenplay, and it has to be real. There must be another story in a different way you made, so work on it if it shouldn’t match the old boring stories that already have been produced.

Some writers’ stories has great influence of the other story they have read somewhere or kept it somewhere in their mind, so they think it’s their own, but it is not actually. So it’s a waste of time to use the same idea and make a story’s audience dislike the repetition as they won’t appreciate the script’s plot.

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