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13 Reasons Why The Screenwriting Subreddit Is A Cesspool

13 Reasons Why The Screenwriting Subreddit Is A Cesspool

If these 13 reasons why the screenwriting subreddit is a cesspool doesn’t dissuade you from venturing to this subreddit, then you need to get your head checked.

You read that title correctly, but it’s a monstrous understatement.

It’s a hoard of some of the most untalented, pretentious jackasses I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading the comments of.

But you might be asking, “13?” YES! And I could go well over 13, but I’ve got better things to do.

If you’re an upcoming screenwriter, I implore with you to not waste your time with these low life, moronic, subhuman cretins. Steer clear of this subreddit if you want to protect your spirit.

These people are out for blood and it ain’t for the weak of heart.

Without further ado, 13 reasons why the screenwriting subreddit is a cesspool!

1. Fake Authority Writers

First on the list of 13 reasons why the screenwriting subreddit is a cesspool are the fake authority writers. I think this is the only subreddit where it harbors a large group of people that speak like they have an authority on screenwriting, but have never actually worked in the industry.

These people tend to migrate here for their own ego so they can make themselves feel like a real screenwriter. How small of them.

2. Triggered

With how quick this group of writers are to pounce on people, you’d think they’d make an appointment to finally remove the stick up their ass.

Ask a question that doesn’t sit right with them and watch them descend on you like vultures on a rotting carcass.

I realize there are people that ask bad questions like this guy, but if it bothers you that much, do you really have to respond to it?

And if you’re sick of questions like that, then maybe you’ve been spending too much time on that subreddit. Try actually writing your damn screenplay instead and be productive.

3. Script Feedback

If you think getting criticism for your work is safe, forget about it. It’s not the criticism that’s the problem here. The real problem is when you ask for clarification of the critique.

That’s when they go in for the kill. They have this attitude that their criticism is not allowed to have a response.

Any question to understand what they were trying to say with their criticism, they take it as you not being able to receive criticism and proceed to bite your head off.

It could be as simple as a reader misunderstanding something in the script. Then when you try to explain it to them, they go into attack mode.

Everybody’s got an edge in this subreddit and in order to not get into futile squabbles, you have to walk on egg shells.

4. Their Sh*t Don’t Stink

Because of their big heads, these writers seem to think they’re God’s gift to screenwriting.

They have the know how to be a great screenwriter and instead of actually using that know how to work on their own projects, they’d rather spend countless hours lurking on the screenwriting subreddit in hopes that somebody goes on there to troll so they can put them in their place.

They’re the screenwriting equivalent of a superhero. They’re sole purpose is to keep the subreddit clean of any trolls.

I imagine these people put a cape on before going on the screenwriting subreddit.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

5. Raging Cynicism

If you dare venture to this subreddit, you must be prepared for people to view you as a troll no matter what.

This poor guy is down on his luck looking for advice on what he should do and was met with people calling him a troll.


You called him out. Here’s your trophy. smh

This goes back to what I said in my second reason. If you think he’s really lying, then ignore it and move on with your day. Oh that’s right, you have nothing better to do. Makes sense.

Why waste time on there if most of the people on there you view with a cynical eye?

6. Very Low Self Esteem

Rounding out the midpoint on the list of 13 reasons why the screenwriting subreddit is a cesspool are the writers with low self esteem. I get that some writers go on here looking for advice on how to make their screenplay better, but sometimes I feel like they have such a low perception of their work that they’re just begging to be critiqued.

Sometimes their just isn’t anything to be critiqued. Would it really be that crazy for someone to read your work and think that it’s good?


These types of writers don’t annoy me, but rather makes me pity them.

You see, these people are brainwashed into thinking that their work is crap until some Hollywood exec who most likely couldn’t care less about them or their work says otherwise.

Those asswipes don’t know anything.

Don’t believe me? Then believe the late William Goldman who also said nobody in the industry knows anything.

I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist.

I think the perfect way to be is somewhere in the middle. Don’t be to high or to low on your work.

At the end of the day, validation for your art should come from within.

7. The Admin Is A $%#@*

I understand that self promotion is a faux paus on many subreddits and I knew this, which is why I never spammed anything.

Only self promotion I did was changing my username to www_ravescripts_com.

However, me being the good guy I am, I helped that guy in reason number 5 by directing him to my website to read the free guide that I wrote to help screenwriters be more profitable.

As you probably guessed, that’s what got me banned on that account permanently.

It wasn’t just the ban though.

As soon as I asked why I was banned, he muted me. A mute lasts 72 hours so I couldn’t even respond to the guy and plead my case.

He just swiftly and unjustly got rid of me. That’s what I get for trying to drive ONE guy to my website in an effort to help him.

Yeah, you know me. That ONE guy would have put me over the top in terms of web traffic. Good thing deputy dog put an end to me and my evil ways.

What a complete joke.

8. They Have A Slave Mentality

These are people that I think would rather work under the hand of Hollywood as opposed to being a free independent artist.

I call it the slave mentality.

The reason why it’s called this is because I liken it to when the slaves were finally set free after the Civil War.

Some slaves were unable to function in society without their slave masters and wanted to return to the plantation.

That’s what these screenwriters are like. Look at how independent artists are killing it today online and then loo at these screenwriters.

It’s laugh out loud worthy material.

The entire act is laughable.

I think screenwriters are the only group of artists that are forced to sell their worthless creations to people who are chomping at the bit to reject them as quickly as possible and move on with their day.

And let me be clear about what I just said.

It’s not worthless because I say it’s worthless or some industry executive thinks it’s worthless.

It’s worthless because you failed to build up its worth.

Right now you’ve got content creators going youtube and building a following. You’ve got content creators starting podcasts and building a following. You also have content creators blogging like I am right now building a following.

But here’s this sad group of screenwriters choosing to take the far less fruitful route by pitching to these industry execs.

Then when they get rejected and sent to the kiddie table making a grand total of $0.00 from the exchange, they hop right back on that horse again.



The world has left these people behind and they don’t even realize it.

You can write scripts, build a following, build its worth and still make profit from your work. You can be a free man.

9. Cheapskates

When considering the amount of time it takes to read a script, most would expect some form of compensation for that work.

Giving industry standard coverage on someone’s work usually would cost upwards of a hundred dollars or more with the way some of these thieves… pardon my English. I mean “script gurus” and how much they charge.

I on the other hand am willing to do all that work for a grand total of….


You heard that right folks and still people were reluctant to even do that so I ended up doing script coverage for them for free.

What a thankless task. You should have read some of the scripts I got.


Speaking of which, not even God himself could help these writers, but that leads me to my next point…

10. They Don’t Read Scripts

When you’re trying to become good at the craft, or any craft for that matter, you’ve got to study from those who come before you.

It’s one of the top ways to become good and improve your writing.

With screenplays from some of the classics scoured through out the internet, how does one not take advantage of those resources?

Reading screenplays is a fundamental way of knowing how to structure a story. It can also inspire ideas for your next script.

You people think greatness just happens over night, huh?

Do you think the great ones were born like that without ever having to hone their craft and study from those before them?

You laugh at the fact that I’ve got a section on this website with nothing but screenplays to films. It’s not there for the hell of it people.

It’s not there because I thought it would be a cool thing to add to my website. It’s there as a resource so USE IT for crying out loud.

Why do you think Kobe Bryant wanted to watch Michael Jordan play?

Many sports commentators liken his game to being akin to Michael Jordan’s because Kobe studied his game so thoroughly to the point that his style mirrored Jordan’s.

He had his tendencies, his idiosyncrasies and even stuck his tongue out on occasion like him.


I can’t stress that enough.

11. Vets Are Jaded

For the few, and I do mean few, vet writers that are on there and have worked in the industry they can kill a new screenwriter’s morale.

The vet screenwriters are so jaded by having been put through the Hollywood wringer, that they can make others disinterested in being a screenwriter.

As a screenwriter, it’s not good to write with a low vibe. Creative endeavors need passion and love in order to be done right.

A script that is written with those two elements is palpable when a somebody reads it.

But if you immerse yourself with people who lack that same love and passion, you’ll assume the same feelings and it’ll affect your work negatively.

12. They Don’t Know How To Build Value

Knowing how cynical they are, they would probably look at my magazine subscription and think I’m trying to scam them.


As someone who has been scammed and taken advantage because of my love for this craft, I could never do that.

They don’t understand that by buying the subscription, which is a mere $4.99, I’m building up the intellectual property’s value, which increases its worth, which also increases its chances of being sold.

Do you follow?

The more followers of any script, the more likely a studio is willing to produce it because it assures a return on their investment.

That’s why they like producing films based on books that have sold really well. It’s the same deal here.

13. They Think Producers Want To Read Their Script

Last on the list of 13 reasons why the screenwriting subreddit is a cesspool is that they think producers want to read their scripts. They don’t want to read your script. They really don’t.

I see you need more convincing so check out this video.

Unless your script is the cure to cancer or can leap tall buildings in a single bound, they want nothing to do with your script.

So what should you do?

Try doing what I preach in my free guide. Build a following, build value, build worth and put money in your pocket.

Then you can entertain the know nothing producer that’s anxious to reject your script so they can get to their avocado toast lunch appointment.

So listen to these 13 reasons and avoid this place like the plague.

With that said, I’m off to the screenwriting subreddit.


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