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How To Find Time To Write A Screenplay

How To Find Time To Write A Screenplay

Finding the right time for writing a screenplay matters a lot, especially when you are linked with the film industry and have screenwriting as a profession. But if you are doing some other job and writing is your passion and your niche is screenwriting, it must be challenging to get time. You need to know how to find time to write a screenplay. Most screenwriters who aren’t retired from writing and have savings usually find a corner in-home and tap away on the keyboard. While doing jobs through 9 to 5 existence, minds are never still, developing stories in mind to write.

Well, it’s quite difficult to get time for writing when you already have a plate full of responsibilities like kids, spouse, job stress, pets, aging parents, or friends. While they ask you to throw that laptop away and meet them in the bar, you must submit two scripts per year to the producer.

How To Find Time To Write A Screenplay

Here is a guideline to know how to find time to write a screenplay

1. Clean your slate

It’s better to do your things like a to-do list that should be done, and the slate must be clean with no more tasks. The foremost duties cannot let you write in peace and provide you tension-free mind, so always take care of the first things. When your mind is free of anything, then it will work better in a creative way. You can manage a to-do list by doing overtime to finish it off from the list then start writing.

2. Guard your writing time

You can take the time or fix it any part of the day for writing a screenplay and guard it as it shouldn’t interfere with any other task. Working in an office is hard to get time for writing, so schedule the timing. After the office will work great such as if you work at night then schedule writing in the morning. It helps to boost your stamina because you’ll be free of mind in a sweet spot. You can dedicate your lunch hour to writing in the afternoon because some cannot write at night.

3. Redefine what “writing time” means

Writing time must be understood thoroughly, and it shouldn’t be thought as work, so stop thinking and start writing for yourself as it’s your passion. Putting some duty on your self and getting that work done by your wish are two different things. You deserve to pursue your dreams and feed your passion, so find out the time to write.

Redefining means what work you prioritize or educating the people around you like your spouse should understand it’s a necessity for your sanity. You can grab some corner of your room and get yourself fixed for writing, and set the boundaries so none can disturb you. Make your family realize you are working on something important that you must have done within a limited time.

4. Examine how you currently use your time

Happy mind offers happy writing and creativity, so make a time log for the upcoming week just like you plan your diet or follow some nutritionist. Examine how you spend your day, such as watching TV, videos on YouTube, or even eating. Are you spending more time on these tasks than on writing each day? Try to analyze every task you do within a week, then eliminate unnecessary activities from the routine and schedule for writing screenplay.

Undoubtedly, you need physical activity to stay fit, but limited eating and proper sleeping can help a healthy life and relaxation of mind. It would be better to keep it as notice and work on finding out the time for writing a script successfully.

5. Set your goals

Suppose you can set your goals for writing, now break them down into smaller, weekly, or daily tasks like taking baby steps to it. Mark your deadline for submitting the script and allocate the time accordingly for writing the script. So before finishing time, you will have a script in your hands by writing one page daily. It isn’t a big thing, is it? Yes, if you work on the tasks all in one day, it can be a burden on your head, and you may even go crazy with the shortage of time.

Tips On Finding The Right Time To Write

Above was the procedure for how to find time to write a screenplay. Here are a few tips and tricks to get enough time and make possibilities to create some art.

1. Mind should relax

Today life is full of stress, anxiety, regrets, worries, and lack of confidence, but people who are brilliant in controlling all these things are booming. There could be some useless clutter floating around the mind that reduces our sense of well-being. It also drains the resources away from positive things around like writing, aiming to reduce the stress and unnecessary stuff from your mind. When your mind is free, it will free up some space in your brain to think more creatively with focused writing a script or screenplay.

2. Body must be able

There is nothing to describe like what you should eat, drink or low on carbs or even join some gym, but it’s all about a healthier body with a proper diet. You should keep your body moving whether you do walk or light exercise and have a good night’s sleep because they positively affect mood and improve focus.

3. Connect with other screenwriters

Like many other things, such as having a good diet and managing health issues, it is also necessary to stay connected with the other screenwriters. You can get an opinion from them as friendly support and motivation you are looking for or even a partner for your next screenwriting project.


The above article explained how to find time to write a screenplay and procedure and valuable tips for getting time for writing. Mediation is the best way to reduce stress and hold the ego. It helps you modify your mind and body and making it ready for writing an art.

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