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Are Screenwriting Pitch Sites Worth It?

Are Screenwriting Pitch Sites Worth It?

Writing a script for a screenplay isn’t an easy task, and when you finish it, you will look for someone to hand it over to. But there must be a question you will ask; where and how do you do this? It has all your efforts and energy, and the time you invested in writing the script won’t get wasted. Please find out if screenwriting pitch sites are worth it instead of soliciting your script anywhere. There are avenues for writers; all you have to do is connect with the industry professionals.

What Is A Film Pitch?

Whatever you may call it, whether a ‘film pitch,’ ‘screenplay pitch’ or a phrase ‘to pitch a screenplay, it only means to sell your script in the industry who may be interested in it, such as producers and execs.

The Elevator Pitch

It is a type of screenplay pitch as it takes around 60 seconds to deliver and 90 seconds some time but with too many details. If there is a general meeting to discuss your script, you will have this time shortage. You need to be ready to deliver one at the moment if they ask you in an elevator.

The 20-Minute Pitch

Usually, in general meetings, a 20 minute pitch involves getting into too much detail, such as laying a story act by act and sequence by sequence. It allows you to get more time to describe characters, specific scenes, and themes, but the general principle should remain necessary for the listener. The movie pitch’s main objective is to get people excited about the characters, story, and concept and, of course, work with you.

The Difference Between General And Specific Meetings

General meetings are considered for the formal chat about your project writing, and so the producer and exec will get to know what type of writer you are. At the same time, you may be called in to pitch for a specific job such as a rewrite or a new project of writing a screenplay. Nowadays, the game is tricky as the producers hire many writers and take dozens of different takes. Then pick up the take they like and choose the writer even if it wasn’t his take.

You can leave a pager when you are stuck somewhere with the producer about a specific project. Please leave a pitch deck or look book because it will add more to the pitch package and will make it easier to feel the film.

Some Scripts Are More Comfortable To Pitch Than Others

More movie ideas with high concepts are easier to pitch than ones with a low concept, and they can be considered from the logline to visualize the poster, trailer, and movie. The producer and execs love the juicy stuff because the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is apparent and would break down into sixty seconds.

Top 3 Screenwriting Pitch Sites

For submitting your script to the host website, a fee typically charges from $65 to $175 to send to the industry folks like producers or execs. Some of the sites offer services like assessments, script reviews, and access to a library of managers, producers, and directors. The most popular and wanted pitch sites of Hollywood like The Black List, Spec Spout, and InkTip help circulate your script.

If any of these screenwriting sites like your script, they will contact you but keep in mind there are lots of writers that use these sites and end up paying a lot of money with few getting any results back.

The Pitfalls Of Using A Screenwriting Pitch Site

The most common flaw of using the pitch site for screenwriting is to pay companies who will list your script with hundreds of other writers’ scripts. These are the sites with a large fee, as some aspiring writers make them feel as if the list is very exclusive. It may be true because you need to pay to be on it, but that’s where the exclusivity ends for the writers. The owners of these sites need them to pay to use the scripts. Remember, the high-profile industry doesn’t need to go through these sites to hire one.

Hollywood executives don’t need to pay the fee to join the sites as they already have a tremendous network of writers and don’t have time to log on and search. Sorry to say it’s worthless finding a script online on pitch sites. There is a lot of competition. Pitch sites out there tend to attract screenwriters of well known genre or public television shows. If you don’t have a big resume to your name, the very large budgets provided by giant television networks, as well as corporate locales doing significant work outside of the industry, will draw many experienced writers. While a pitch site may draw into its circle additional creative professionals, it is very unlikely that they will help you break in. There is generally more traffic to these large pitch sites. Without previous success your chances are slim and none and you know how the rest goes. When choosing whether or not to use a pitch site, always remember the potential risks.

The Alternative To Screenwriting Pitch Sites

When finding the true answer of are screenwriting pitch sites worth it? It would be better off signing up at IMDb Pro and making real connections. You will contact the managers, producers, and agents instead of using script writing pitch sites and they’ll give your script the time of day.

IMDb Pro helps you create a profile page where the industry can find you among the list, and you are more visible on the internet if you are listed on IMDb Pro than in an online screenwriting pitch site.

Is It Possible To Pitch A Movie Idea Without A Screenplay?

The basic rule of script writing is that you cannot sell a movie idea without a screenplay, so you cannot copy a movie idea. There is no specific way of transferring your movie idea to the industry or reach the producer or execs.


Do you have a clear idea of whether screenwriting pitch sites worth it? They could be helpful in some scenarios, but you are not always lucky to get a chance. So better to get communication to the industry another way because there are thousands of writers in this lane that pay money to get into the pitch sites. IMDb helps you get visibility in the industry as there are lots of producers, writers, and execs who can check out your profile and find out what type of writer you are.

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