Do You Know How To Make Money Writing Screenplays?

Now that you’ve finished that script, you’ve probably asked people, “do you know how to make money writing screenplays?” You’ve probably typed in on google, “do you know how to make money writing screenplays?” You’ve probably been heard by your neighbors yelling, “does anybody know how to make money writing screenplays?” Well, I assume you’re thinking about getting in touch with managers and agents who can help get that script in the right places so can you sell it. Hold your horses. There are a plethora of ways that you can make money with your screenplay without selling it. Here’s 3 ways that you’ve never even considered before.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve read the free issue of Rave Scripts magazine on, you’ll see how I make use of affiliate marketing. I utilize vintage print ads to sell modern products. You obviously don’t need to do this, but it saves me time with having to create a print ad from scratch. These ads can help you make money while people read your screenplay. I personally use Amazon associates program. That’s just one of many out there for affiliate networks.

2. Sell Subscriptions

After growing a solid following, you could decide to sell your magazine as a subscription. If you haven’t grown a following, check out 5 Ways To Sell Your Screenplay. This is a way to turn your loyal audience into a paying loyal audience that supports your work. You should make sure to have several issues of your magazine before attempting to monetize through subscriptions. It’s important to build trust with your readers and provide value first.

3. Sell Ad Space

The last way is to sell ad space. When you have a decent sized following, try talking with companies to try and help them reach your audience. You want to make sure it’s a product that makes sense with your brand and audience. Since it’s screenplays, the most obvious product that comes to mind is coffee. Research mid sized coffee companies that wouldn’t mind buying space to advertise their product in your magazine. Keep in mind, this is doable buying always thinking of what you can provide them in terms of value which is most likely sales. You might want to try selling their product as an affiliate marketer first as proof that your following is interested in their product.

These 3 ways can help make you money writing screenplays without having to go through the rigors of selling it.

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