10 Best Screenwriting Podcasts

Podcasts are a source of connection with your audience; instead, they have broken the connection you make through social media. It helps you connect with the audience in unique long-form content. But they are more convenient than blog posts because people can listen to them while driving, working out, or doing household things. This list of 10 best screenwriting podcasts will help you learn more about he craft and the industry.

You can find a place for screenwriting in the podcast industry. There are at least 600 million blogs, 23 million YouTube channels but only 800,000 podcasts in Apple podcasts. Since you are looking for the top 10 best screenwriting podcasts to enhance understanding of the craft and business of writing, the following is a list that can help you with that.

Top 10 Best Screenwriting Podcasts

Here are the top screenwriting podcasts available online you can check to understand how it works. The following is a list I have made for your convenience in finding out the best podcast for screenwriting and learning all the tactics professional writers use. It’s a more straightforward way to understand everything, like how to craft characters, plot, or objectives.

1. 3rd & Fairfax – w/the WGA West

Writer’s Guild of America West is a well-known official screenwriting podcast where Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton, and Brian Gary interview the cream of Hollywood’s writers, producers, directors, and actors every week. They also provide essential information and updates about the Guild itself.

2. Draft Zero – w/ Chas Fisher and Stu Willis

In this screenwriting podcast, these two Australian screenwriters break down pro screenplays and try to figure out what makes them work efficiently. It is a monthly show hosted by MacGuffins, who riff on the subjects of creating compelling characters or plot versus character-driven movies. If you are looking for a specific discussion on the craft, it is the best screenwriting podcast.

3. On The Page – w/ Pilar Alessandra

In this podcast show, she invites guests and takes interviews each week from the world of writing, producing, acting, and directing. It is the best screenwriting podcast on the market that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

4. On Story – w/ The Austin Film Festival

It is recorded live at the Austin Film Festival; it brings you an insider perspective on the process of writing and getting a screenplay financed and made. They receive guests like Scott Frank, Shane Black, Ed Solomon, the Duplass Brothers, and Judd Apatow.

5. The Q&A – w/ Jeff Goldsmith

This is journalist Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast show where he conducts lengthy interviews with the top screenwriters. The interview consists of questions and answers about how they got into the business, writings, and writing process regarding how they face difficulties and everything about it.

6. Sam & Jim Go to Hollywood – w/ Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn

It is worth listening to this podcast for screenwriting. With near forty episodes in which two are regular ones, and the rest are about their successful career in the industry and moving to LA. The podcast has a get-up-and-go attitude and is inspiring for the heavy craft side of writing.

7. Scriptnotes – w/ John August & Craig Mazin

Both of these guys are professional screenwriters and have a great name in the podcast streaming world for screenwriting. From the craft of writing to legal questions to Hollywood news, they have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. You will get the last 20 episodes for free, but if you want to access the back catalog, you need to pay $1.99/month. It is the most desirable and best screenwriting podcast out there and not to be missed.

8. The Treatment – w/ Elvis Mitchell

It is a weekly show hosted by Elvis Mitchell, who sits live with some of the industry’s best writers and gets them to talk about their career and the craft of screenwriting. Examples of such talks are his interviews with Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix, and Johnathan Goldstein discussing the art of comedy in their movie.

9. Write On – w/ Final Draft

This is a fabulous screenwriting podcast that invites writers on the show to talk about their personal experiences and share their opinions on how they broke into the craft and got in the industry. The podcast also includes interviews with Final Draft Big Break contest finalist and judges such as Scott Neustadter and Nick Hornby.

10. The Writers Panel – w/ Ben Blacker

It isn’t a podcast, though but focuses on the craft of writing for TV and the show is hosted by Ben Blacker, a professional screenwriter, and producer of the Nerdist Writer panel. He holds interviews in the studio with top writers, showrunners, and producers to acknowledge the craft of writing.

There are enormous other podcasts available for screenwriting you can check out that includes The Business w/ Kim Masters, The BAFTA Lectures, Children of Tendu, and The Moment w/ Brian Koppelman. Moreover, Paper Team, The Movie Crypt, Script vs. Screen, Scripts & Scribes w/ Kevin Fukunaga, and Writers Guild Foundation.

Best Screenwriting Podcasts By Subject

The best screenwriting podcasts are broken down into these categories such as character, dialogue, career strategy, concept, scene description, and plot or structure.


You can find out the 10 best screenwriting podcasts available online on the web; it’s just a click away. These podcasts for screenwriting help guide you on the best and perfect way to craft writing, formatting, and pitching the idea. The best thing about the podcast is you can listen to it anywhere while jogging in the park, running on the treadmill, and working out in the gym.

You can find many examples of podcast channels online; all you have to do is just set the channel and enjoy learning with professional screenwriters. They have a successful career behind them and would share their life experiences while screenwriting. It is beneficial not only for beginner writers but also for people interested in screenwriting and who want to become a writer. You can also join the live session of questions and answers from the professional writers at the show.

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